Lero Partners With Nvidia To Help Gamers

Researchers at Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre For Software, have teamed up with Nvidia to help gamers improve their chances of winning esports prize money. The research is being led by Dr. Mark Campbell and Dr. Adam Toth of Lero’s Esports Science Research Lab, based at the University of Limerick (UL), who will look into the human and computer factors in esport performance. The team at Lero is looking for volunteers to help them analyze the human and computer factors in esports top optimize gamer performance.

“We will need between 80 and 120 volunteers, who will have their gaming skills assessed using specially designed Nvidia software, and we will give the participants feedback on their performance,” said Toth. “It will take about an hour of their time, so people can travel from anywhere in the country to take part.”

Lero opened the country’s first esports research lab in 2019, located at its base in UL. The aim of the lab is to enable researchers to conduct studies designed to boost the performance of amateur and professional esports players around the world. A study by Lero researchers last year suggested that gamers can significantly improve their skills by training for ten minutes a day, with potential benefits to motor performance.

Lero expects the research to take around one year to complete before the results are published in peer-reviewed journals. Any volunteers who wish to apply can contact the team through email (

(All information was provided by Silicon Republic)

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