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Get Ready For Gaming Beds

Bauhutte continues to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to gaming accessories and peripherals. The Japanese company recently unveiled its new piece of furniture, which is simply referred to as an Electric Gaming Bed.

Bauhutte first unveiled the BGB-100FA Electric Bed on April 5th. The product features motors for your legs and back so that you can have your feet elevated, allowing you to lay down, sit upright, and position yourself in a variety of other ways.

Bauhutte also began selling the BHD-1200BD Bed Desk, which is almost necessary for this gaming bed to be effective. By combining these two products together, the only reason gamers will ever need to get up again is to go to the bathroom.

Amazingly, the price of this gaming bed is not that outrageous. The bed itself costs roughly $480. You can also buy a bundle that comes with the gaming mattress for about $673.

The Profit‘s Take:

Great gaming innovation or the greatest gaming innovation? I don’t know where we go next from here. This is peak gaming! It’s probably much more comfortable than a chair. I love this. I hope it does really well. I think this will be my next gaming purchase.

(All information was provided by Input Magazine, TweakTown, and YouTube)

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