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Wearable Speaker That Goes Around Your Neck Unveiled By Panasonic

Panasonic is changing the way that gamers hear things. This comes after the company unveiled its SoundSlayer Gaming Speaker, which can be worn comfortably around the neck of any owner.

The device is a curved, four-channel speaker that sits around your neck almost like a travel pillow that you would see on an airplane. This allows gamers to keep their heads and ears free from the confines of normal video game accessories.

The device can connect to gaming consoles through a USB slot or 3.5 headphone jack. It also comes outfitted with dual microphones so that users can chat with their friends without worrying about an echo. According to the Panasonic website, the product is compatible with Windows 10, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X|S, the Nintendo Switch, and even some older gaming consoles.

The SoundSlayer Gaming Speaker is listed for about $221 on the Panasonic website. It is also available on Amazon for $198. The company has also released a special Final Fantasy version of the product which will cost you $247.

The Profit‘s Take:

A speaker around your neck to play games with. This seems like it was MADE for Jeff “The Juice” Cohen. My ears start to hurt after I leave my in-ear headphones in for too long, so this seems to address that problem. This is neat. I would wear this around the house. This is innovation in a space that normally doesn’t see a lot of upgrades or advancements, which is something I always like to see.

(All information was provided by PC Gamer)

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