Gaming Companies And Industry Leaders Have Raised Almost $200M For Ukraine

Gaming companies across the board have come together to raise money for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. From Japanese studios such as The Pokemon Company and Bandai Namco, western giants like Ubisoft and Epic, and companies that are incredibly close to the invasion, such as CD Projekt Red and GSC Game World, dozens of industry leaders have raised millions for the cause.

According to data put together by Levvvel, $195,258,400 has been raised so far, thanks to gaming giants coming together and using their huge platforms. The data also ranks the fundraising efforts and donations of each company, with Epic Games and Microsoft’s recent Fortnite efforts taking the lead with a staggering $144 million.

In second place there’s Humble Bundle, with its Stand With Ukraine bundle bringing in over $20 million. Offering games such as Back 4 Blood, Fable Anniversary, Sunset Overdrive, Max Payne 3, and Spyro Reignited Trilogy for just $40, the bundle quickly proved to be a hit with the gaming community. Better yet, Humble Bundle and the games’ publishers didn’t take a cut from the money raised, so it’s all going to the four charities that the platform partnered with.

The rest of the list consists of efforts from Sony, Embracer Group, Riot Games, and more, most of which donated over $1 million each.

(All information was provided by TheGamer)

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