Los Angeles Angels Partner With Bandai Namco

The Los Angeles Angels have collaborated with the gaming giant Bandai Namco, known for their popular games such as Pac-Man, Elden Ring, Tekken, and many more. This move came in right after the gaming company moved its headquarters to Irvine, California.

“We are thrilled to welcome Bandai Namco to the Angels Partnership Family,” said Dennis Kuhl, the President of the Angels. “With Bandai Namco moving their US headquarters to Orange County, and our shared objective of entertaining millions while supporting our local community, this is a natural fit between our brands that I know our fans will enjoy.”

It is indeed impressive to say that Major League Baseball teams have a very prominent history with gaming. This first instance occurred when Nintendo chairman Minoru Arakawa purchased a major stake in Seattle Mariners, which helped them as a major bailout.

(All information was provided by EssentiallySports)

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