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Rapper Tee Grizzley Signs Partnership With XSET Inside His GTA Online Server

Rapper and Twitch streamer Tee Grizzley recently signed a major partnership deal with the esports lifestyle brand XSET within his own custom GTA roleplay server, Grizzley World RP. The partnership, which is apparently about helping ex-convicts improve their lives by providing them consoles and inviting them to join Grizzley’s role-playing server (Grizzley himself served time for an attempted robbery back in 2014), was officially sealed by the two parties inside the RP server. The moment was captured and posted to Twitter by Jake Lucky.

In the video, you can see Grizzley’s avatar receive an in-game phone call from an XSET representative, before he and his “Grizzley Gang” entourage move to an in-game spa to seal the deal. In a press release issued shortly afterward, Tee Grizzely said he was “excited to join XSET and take Grizzley Gang Gaming to the next level.”

“I’ve always loved gaming for fun, but now it’s so much more than that,” added Tee Grizzley. “I’ve seen how this industry can really change lives and I can’t wait to provide more opportunities for people who have faced similar challenges and adversities as I have.”

But the way the deal was signed has broader implications too. It is precisely the kind of interactive overlap between reality and virtual worlds that advocates of the metaverse claim the technology will bring. The ability to meet, conduct a real-life business deal, and celebrate it all within a virtual world is basically the groundfloor pitch for the metaverse.

(All information was provided by PCGamer)

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