TGS Esports And 7-Eleven Canada Launching More Gaming Events

TGS Esports Inc. recently announced plans to host more video game competitions with 7-Eleven Canada. As a result, the two sides will be adding two additional Rocket League events to their April gaming lineup.

The first event was the Rocket League Charity Challenge which was held on April 9th. This featured eight influencers going head to head for a prize pool of $8,000 that was donated to the winner’s charity of choice.

The other event is the Rocket League Open Tournament which takes place on April 30th. This online, free-to-play North American-based Rocket League tournament comes with an $8,000 prize pool as well, but, this time, it’s winner take all. This one can be live-streamed on both Twitch and Youtube.

“Our gaming community absolutely loves this partnership. 7-Eleven understands gamers and has done a great job adding value to the gaming experience”, says Gopal Patel, COO of TGS Esports. “Through these fun activations, 7-Eleven will connect with gamers during moments that matter the most – when they are playing games and when they are live streaming gaming content.”

This is not the first time 7-Eleven Canada and TGS Esports have joined forces to host gaming-themed events. They also teamed up for the $4,500 Collegiate Rocket League Championships on March 20th and a “take over” of TGS Esports’ headquarters where gamers got together for free food, gaming, and fun five days after later.

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