Global Gaming Accessories Market Will Be Worth At Least $15B By 2026

On April 18th, a new study was revealed by Research and Markets that provided insight into the global gaming accessories market. Based on this report, the industry was worth $7.75 billion in 2020. Since the survey showed that the global gaming accessories sector will be worth $15.4 billion by 2026, the market will register a CAGR of 12.2% during this forecast period.

The Asia-Pacific region will make up the biggest share of this market. Countries like Australia, South Korea, China, and Japan will generate 40% of the global gaming industry’s revenue during the aforementioned forecast period. Moreover, the number of mobile gamers in Southeast Asia rose to about 250 million people last year alone.

“The rapid growth of e-sports has up-surged the demand for advanced gaming keyboards and gamepads, and the gaming accessories market is expected to grow over the forecast period with the continuous enhancement in gaming content,” the report reads. “China is the largest, highest grossing, and the most profitable video game market in the world, since 2015. In esports, China has been the world leader in terms of tournament winnings, possessing some of the best talents in the world across multiple video games, as well as one of the largest pool of video gamers.”

(All information was provided by Business Wire)

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