Turkey’s Gaming Startups Shining In Early 2022

Turkey has been a champion in gaming investments, and now those investments are starting to pay off. Turkish startups secured more than $1.27 billion from January through March of this year, and most of that has come from gaming startups. This comes on the heels of the country’s vowing to put more time and effort into gaming and the world of esports.

“Considering the investments made in gaming initiatives in the first quarter of 2022, Turkey became the country attracting the most investments in Europe and the Middle East region, while Istanbul became the city drawing the largest amount of investments,” said Serkan Ünsal, Founder of “Istanbul, which also ranks first in terms of the number of game studios, has clinched its breakthrough in gaming, Gaming startups set a record as the total amount of investments, and in the first quarter, seven startups received investments of $326 million.”

Ünsal stressed the performance of Spyke Games, which raised a record $55 million in a seed round of funding. It marks the largest seed round to date for a startup out of Turkey.

He also pointed to another casual gaming startup, Dream Games, which received $255 million that helped it join Turkey’s unicorn ventures.

This “demonstrates the richness Turkey has when it comes to gaming startups,” the number of which, moreover, continues to grow, added Ünsal.

(All information was provided by Daily Sabah)

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