British Esports Association Promotes Gaming To Aid People With Autism

The British Esports Association has said those with autism can learn valuable skills, like communication, leadership, and problem solving, through the immersion in esports. Esports/gaming also allows them to have space to escape, relax, and generate social skills.

“I have seen the positive impact that gaming has in regard to the students’ interpersonal skills, and games like Minecraft have supported the pupils’ decision making and problem-solving skills,” said Mark Peters, a teacher for the Autism Academy in Basingstoke. “Going to the esports facility, pupils are required to work as a team, and I have seen this being transferred into a classroom setting where they are able to peer support without being prompted.”

A recent study by Ukie suggested that 18% of people in the gaming industry were reported to have at least one neurodevelopmental condition and employment of autistic people in the gaming industry is nearly four times higher than any other employment sector.

“By hiring more neurodivergent people, games studios can also benefit from skills like innovative problem solving and the ability to resist ‘herd mentality,’” said Alice Cooper, Corporate Partnerships Officer at Autistica, an autism research charity. “By encouraging more neurodivergent players to get involved and take part in esports, the industry can continue to advocate for inclusivity and create spaces for autistic and neurodivergent players to connect and enjoy themselves.”

(All information was provided by Inside The Games)

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