ESL UK Adds Augmented Reality Game Hado To ESL Premiership

The ESL Premiership, the UK’s longest-standing esports tournament with operations dating back to 2015, played host to the Hado Invitational at the Insomnia 68 gaming festival on April 17th. Hado debuted as the first augmented reality (AR) game to be included in the ESL Premier, which featured 12 teams competing for the lion’s share of a $1,274 prize pool.

“The ESL Premiership has always been an innovative platform allowing for new games, formats, technology, workflows, creativity, and talent to try things out,” said James Dean, Director of UK Strategy and Commercial at ESL Gaming. “Hado is no exception, for the first time we’re extremely excited to implement a high-paced physical augmented reality and highly competitive video game into our national league. In many ways, this is a demonstration of the inevitable natural convergence of esports and sports and absolutely defines part of the future in competitive sports.”

Hado is an AR physical game that sees teams target each other with attacks only visible to players and live feed spectators. Points are accumulated by hitting your opponent and removing them from the field of play. The team with the most points at the end of the 80-second round is declared the winner.

Hado has a global esports circuit. Arenas all over the world send their best teams to compete at the Hado World Cup. Brighton’s Team IDK is the consecutive UK champions.

(All information was provided by Esports News UK)

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