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Is The World Ready For a Gaming Shower?

Irish Spring is a world-famous soap and body wash company that serves as a subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive. While the organization is best known for creating bath and shower products, Irish Spring believes its latest innovation will help it enter the incredibly-lucrative gaming space.

The company recently unveiled the world’s first gaming shower. The Irish Spring Nice-Smelling Gaming Shower was created “to radically wash away the gaming sector’s dirt,” writes Beebom‘s Dwaipayan Sengupta. This product hopes to resolve a somewhat embarrassing problem in the esports industry: one out of five gamers skips showering to play more video games.

This gamer shower comes with a transparent, plexiglass dome-shaped exterior that allows gamers to still easily see their setups. Above the dome is a three-monitor setup that hangs from a “scorpion-tail-like structure.” There’s even a chair built into the shower so players can sit, game, bathe, and get clean.

This gaming shower is the product of a partnership that was recently unveiled between the streamer FaZe Santana and Irish Spring. The shower’s gaming experience will be on full display in a video set to come out on April 29th, which also happens to be National Sense of Smell Day.

The Profit‘s Take:

Greatest gaming accessory of all time, or just a great gaming accessory? This story is amazing! Last time out, I argued that we hit peak gamer accessory with gamer beds, but NOW, I feel like that’s no longer true. Some of these companies are watching the Business of Esports Weekly News Show because these peripherals just keep getting better and better. I like this innovation. You can’t be down on this. Today it seems crazy, but, in 20 years, when we’re all sitting in our gamer hot tubs, we’ll look back and realize that this was a huge moment in history. Who knows what will be normal in the future! This could become the new normal. You never know.

(All information was provided by Beebom)

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