Ugami Raises $4.8M In Seed Round For Gamer Debit Card And App

Ugami has raised $4.8 million in seed funding alongside the closed beta for their Ugami Debit Card and linked app. The seed round was led by Harlem Capital Partners and ULU Ventures. FJ Labs, Origins Fund, and Top Corner Capital also participated.

The Ugami debit card and app saw more than 265,000 registrants during its waitlist period. When launched, it will feature all of the utilities of banking cards with a gamified app. Card users earn rewards points called Ugipoints on all purchases. Ugipoints can be redeemed for cash, or to shop on the curated Ugami store. The Ugami store features goods from brands like Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, Steam, and more.

“We couldn’t be more proud to support Ugami and their mission to become the leading financial card for gamers,” said Henri Pierre-Jacques, Managing Partner at Harlem Capital. “The interest already secured is incredible and speaks to Ugami’s talent and dedication to their vision.”

The Ugami Debit Card App will launch with a number of features. These include:

  • Zero-fee physical and digital debit card usage
  • Being able to level up an account
  • Being able to “boost” an account in order to earn even more Ugipoints
  • Built-in daily, weekly, and monthly streaks, which can be completed for rewards
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Daily log-in rewards, including a daily spin for bonus Ugipoints
  • An ATM finder, to locate the nearest in-network ATM

(All information was provided by VentureBeat)

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