Promod Esports Launches New Grassroots VALORANT Circuit

Esports agency Promod Esports has announced Beacon, a new VALORANT grassroots tournament circuit for players in the UK, Ireland, and Nordics. The circuit, which is in association with Riot Games, sees the introduction of a number of tournaments in Northern Europe that will be designated as “Circuit Stops.” Teams that play in these tournaments will gain points, with the best-placed teams advancing to the circuit finals in August.

The Beacon series will act as the grassroots level VALORANT series in Northern Europe. According to the release, the series allows amateur VALORANT players to take the first step in professional play.

The Beacon series will run for two splits per year, with numerous tournaments taking place alongside third-party organizers. Teams will earn points based on performance, with these points determining a division as well as seeding for the Circuit Finals. In total, teams will be split into three divisions. According to Promod, the decision to have multiple divisions “creates opportunities for players of all abilities.”

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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