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Crypto Oasis Partners With GamesCoin Group

GamesCoin Group, a German blockchain gaming organization has announced a partnership with Crypto Oasis, in a deal which will see both sides help realize the potential of the Middle East’s fast-growing gaming sector. Gaming revenues in the MENA region were worth $5.4 billion in 2021. Dubai is GamesCoin Group’s first stop as it looks to expand globally and transform Avant-gardé blockchain technology into tangible experiences.

“With GamesCoin, we will rewrite the history of the gaming industry,” said Alex Suárez, Founder & CEO GamesCoin Group. “Knowing that we have a partner at our side who is just as experienced and visionary makes us even prouder. We are thrilled to be working with Crypto Oasis at the cutting edge of combining gaming and crypto to build the real metaverse.”

GamesCoin Group has a hub for game developers and publishers, and they also have an integrated currency that can be used in all game worlds. They have a comprehensive ecosystem that allows developers and publishers to capitalize on innovative and traditional parts of the gaming industry.

Blockchain technology allows gamers to own in-game assets, creating legitimacy and permanent value. Creating digital assets in games also makes them an attractive investment choice. Monetizing gameplay in return for NFTs or cryptocurrencies is GamesCoin Group’s fascinating application of cutting-edge blockchain technology.

With Crypto Oasis as their local partner, GamesCoin Group will facilitate this burgeoning segment of the gaming sector with a comprehensive ecosystem home to many other radical blockchain organizations. Crypto Oasis welcomes this collaborative initiative that will help these disruptive entities move on to the next phase of growth in this exciting industry.

(All information was provided by Yahoo!)

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