Insomnia 68 CS:GO LAN Organizers Respond To A Myriad Of Complaints

In mid-April, the first physical Insomnia event took place in two and a half years following the start of the pandemic, and it hosted a range of esports tournaments. Perhaps due to rustiness, the event was rife with server problems, delays, format problems, uneven scoring accusations, and prize pool distribution complaints. At the end of the weekend, many players and team managers were left shaking their heads.

“It was extremely hard on our end to get the players motivated,” said one anonymous team manager. “They didn’t want to lose, more than they wanted to win if that makes sense. The incentives were poor.”

Event organizers have been doing damage control ever since, trying to explain what went wrong and why.

“As someone who’s played in countless LANs, managed teams through countless more, and now worked several, I sympathize with the frustration and it’s shared,” said one organizer. “Neither the admins nor I wanted to find ourselves in that position but we worked non-stop to resolve it. Some players are great. They asked what was going on, accepted we were working on it, and thanked us for our work. Others were less understanding and decided to be vocal about their frustration. If that’s how they want to conduct themselves, that’s up to them.”

Ultimately, the organizers were able to get most things LAN-related to a manageable, working place. But the biggest fallout comes from a hurt reputation, which is something Insomnia will have to work hard towards fixing in, and in the lead-up to, next year’s tournament.  

(All information was provided by Esports News UK)

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