Xbox Users Can Now Create Snapchat-Like Stories On The App

Microsoft recently announced that Xbox users can now share their gaming moments in the form of “Stories” on the Xbox app for iOS and Android. This feature is only available in Australia for the time being, but Microsoft plans to expand to other regions very soon. The Stories function is very similar to how Snapchat operates, but that each shared story will be available to watch for 72 hours, a full two days longer than Snapchat, or Instagram stories for that matter.

To create a story, users can press the “+” button on their profile picture on the Xbox app’s home screen. Then they can select a clip, screenshot, or achievement from the gallery to share with their friends. Users can also add a caption if they’d like.

Stories have become quite popular on social media since Snapchat started the trend in 2011. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have all adopted the same feature to add to their respective platforms.

Microsoft’s foray into Stories marks the first time such a feature has been used in the gaming sphere, and offers the perfect opportunity for streamers and casual players to promote their content and channels even further.

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