Mobile Gaming Ad Revenues In The U.S. To Reach $6B This Year

According to a recent article from eMarketer‘s Sara Lebow, mobile gaming ad revenues in the United States are excepted to grow to $6.26 billion this year, representing a 14% increase from last year. This trend of double-digit growth will reportedly continue through 2024.

Overall, mobile gaming ad revenues will top out at $7.87 billion in 2024. This means that mobile gaming advertisements will make up 2.5% of the entire digital advertising sector.

In 2021, mobile gaming revenues grew by 34%. This symbolized major growth for the industry even though Apple made changes to its Identifiers for Advertisers (IDFA).

“Mobile gaming has performed strongly throughout the pandemic, as companies have capitalized on increased time spent on mobile since 2020,” Lebow writes. “Smartphone is by far the most popular device for gaming, allowing advertisers to reach casual gamers who may not be inclined to pay for ad-free platforms.”

(all information was provided by eMarketers)

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