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Blockchain Gaming Studio Cometh Receives $10M In Seed Funding Round

French blockchain gaming studio Cometh announced that they have raised $10 million in a seed round led by White Star Capital, Ubisoft, and Stake Capital. The participating companies were Serena Capital, Shima Capital, and IDEO Colab Ventures.

The Paris-based startup creates games that come equipped with a suite of crypto-based financial tools, allowing them to connect with DeFi protocols. Cometh also creates white label products to help other, established gaming firms build out their crypto functionality.

“[Gaming is entering] a new era of mass connectivity and digital ownership of playable assets,” said Jerome de Tychey, Founder of Cometh. “Our team builds games that explore the new possibilities offered by blockchain technology along with the tools to enhance traditional games with it.”

The company also recently released its second gaming title, Cometh Battle, a free-to-play tactical card game on May 5th.

(All information was provided by The Block Crypto and Cometh)

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