Sykkuno Unhappy With The Way Twitch Treats Streamers

Not every big streamer is thrilled with how Twitch is run. In fact, during a recent broadcast, American streamer Sykkuno came out and said that Twitch treats its biggest content creators as “replaceable assets.”

This is a pretty significant development because just days before he made this statement, Sykkuno announced he had signed an agreement to exclusively broadcast all of his original content on YouTube Gaming. Since making the move to YouTube from Twitch, Sykkuno has given us a better idea as to why he left the Amazon-owned streaming platform, claiming the deal Twitch offered him was “garbage” and that he was repeatedly disrespected by the company because his name was misspelled multiple times.

Sykkuno didn’t hold back when talking about his transition on a recent episode of the Banter podcast, which is hosted by a pair of other well-known streamers, Snapnap and Karl.

“I think they’re treating it like creators are just replaceable,” he said. “They might be right, which is why for me it makes more sense to take deals like that because if I’m replaceable, I’m never going to get it again. If I’m not replaceable, then they might learn their lesson and they’ll hopefully value it more highly next time.”

While most streamers have their qualms with YouTube Gaming, it’s surprising to see a major influencer like Sykkuno come out and say that Twitch has some serious problems too.

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