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RisingWings Mints First NFT Through COMPETZ

Krafton Inc. subsidiary RisingWings announced its first NFT minting will be issued through its global blockchain-based service, COMPETZ. The “Profile Picture” (PFP) NFTs will see 1,000 issued in its first minting and are meant to be used as profile images for COMPETZ.

“To drive excitement for the upcoming games to be serviced in COMPETZ, we have scheduled the first official PFP minting for users to enjoy,” said Moon-chul Kang, Vice President of RisingWings. “In addition to the first PFP minting, we are also planning to issue a game skin NFT, so please stay tuned for more information about the various events we have scheduled for the future.”

RisingWings has also announced plans to develop several new games in 2022 including Solitaire, Bingo, Pool, Mini Golf, and Hunting.

(All information was provided by Business Wire)

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