Dr Disrespect Has Some Harsh Words For YouTube Gaming

Dr Disrespect claims that YouTube Gaming is a “phony industry” which does not support content creators. In a recent tweet, he claims that he unfollowed YouTube Gaming on Twitter because “they don’t support us one bit. Why would I support them?”

This isn’t the good Doctor’s first dispute with YouTube Gaming. Back in March, he vented over the company’s reluctance to mention his presence on their site, alleging that he “put YouTube Gaming on the map.”

Dr Disrespect has had his fair share of disagreements and controversy with the streaming platform Twitch as well. He and Twitch had a falling out in 2020, which culminated in his being banned from the streaming platform. After a lengthy legal battle, Dr Disrespect announced that he would not be returning to Twitch. Neither he nor Twitch ever revealed to fans why he was banned.

There is still clearly bad blood between both sides. Twitch banned a chess grandmaster in March after he was found to be streaming a Dr Disrespect match.

(All information was provided by NME)

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