Galaxy Racer Launches Fund To Support Women In Esports

Galaxy Racer has launched HER Galaxy, a fund in North America to support women in esports. The project aims to empower female gamers through online platforms which offer a safe space for them as they look to grow their skills and abilities. HER Galaxy will also feature multi-platform tournaments.

“Women deserve a safe space to play and expand their abilities within the esports gaming world,” said Akemi Sue Fisher, CEO of Galaxy Racer. “Galaxy Racer is breaking the mold by launching HER Galaxy in North America and creating space for esports gamers who identify as women to develop their talents and compete for prize money. There has been such a need for women-focused gaming platforms, and HER Galaxy sets out to fulfill that need. Statistics have shown that nearly 48% of gaming enthusiasts in the United States are women, but because of the lack of inclusivity, women only make up 1% of professional esports athletes and 5% of the esports workforce. HER Galaxy is determined to break these norms and finally create a safe space for women-identifying players.”

HER Galaxy will look to provide women with the same opportunities and funding as men. The company has said it wants to balance out the financial inequalities that exist between men and women in the industry.

HER Galaxy plans to offer grants to establish four women’s esports teams across multiple platforms. The grants will cover the salaries of players, and coaches, costs of travel, fund marketing campaigns, and content and public relations services.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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