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“Gaming” Tab Removed From Google Store

A big change was recently made to Google. On May 11th, the dedicated “Gaming” tab was removed from the Google Store, “effectively burying Stadia listings” writes 9to5Google‘s Ben Schoon. This comes as part of an effort by the company to highlight its Pixel Buds Pro product line.

Google has now replaced the “Gaming” tab with a new category labeled “Earbuds”. This comes ahead of the release of Google’s new Pixel Buds Pro headphones which will be coming out in July

Prior to this change, the Google Store featured seven categories along its top bar for smartphones, watches, smart home products, laptops, subscriptions, offers, and (of course) gaming. The gaming section was first added to the Google Store in 2020 and could be located on the website as recently as last month. However, that is no longer the case.

“This is certainly a sensible decision, but it does effectively bury Google Stadia in the Store,” Schoon wrote. “Stadia is now visible under the ‘Smart Home’ category, with a ‘Gaming’ section within that which houses the ‘overview’ page for Stadia…”

The Profit‘s Take:

So, earbuds are a more important business to Google than Google Stadia essentially. Is Google just burying its gaming ambitions altogether? By getting rid of the gaming tab, it seems like they may be admitting defeat in the gaming space.

(All information was provided by 9to5Google)

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