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Razer And Fairmont Singapore Launch Gaming Suites

The luxury hotel Fairmont Singapore recently teamed up with peripheral manufacturer Razer to launch a one-of-a-kind “luxury gaming” experience on May 17th. The two sides have come together to create world-class, luxury gaming suites that aim to combine “the sensational world of gaming with luxury hospitality.”

The two sides created three Fairmont Singapore suites that have been outfitted with Razer gaming peripherals and other types of esports accessories. The Razer Gamer & Streamer Suite, the Razer Console Lounge, and the Razer Mercury Suite are all black and green with white detailing, the color palette famously used by Razer.

Gaming experiences were teased in the Razer Console Lounge as well as the Razer Mercury Suite. Fairmont and Razer also gave us a sneak peek at a food menu “specifically designed with gamers in mind,” that includes sandwiches, charcuterie, and cheese plates.

These suites can only be booked for two or four-hour periods. Reservations for these gaming rooms will open to the public on May 24th and be available for booking until April of 2023.

The Profit‘s Take:

We usually do chair reviews. There are chairs in these suites, so I say this counts. I would describe this as a private LAN café. This may not be the right product-market fit… but, what’s wrong with going after a different segment of the market? I’m not saying every high-end hotel in the world needs a gaming suite. But, I do think there is a market for Fairmont-level high-end social gaming. It’s a small market, but it’s there. I will actually have to go see these suites in person in order to tell if these are any good.

(All information was provided by CNA Lifestyle)

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