Criterion Partners With Codemasters Cheshire For Next Need For Speed Game

Game developer Criterion has partnered with Codemasters Cheshire to work on the next installment of Need For Speed. Both organizations are well-versed in the racing game space. Besides the Need for Speed franchise, Criterion is responsible for the equally popular Burnout series, while Codemasters is the studio responsible for the Dirt, F1, Grid, and Onrush.

These sides have been collaborating on Need For Speed for several months now. However, they recently made their partnership official by consolidating both studios under the Criterion banner.

The newest title in the series was originally set to be released last year but was delayed when several Criterion employees working on the game were asked to help with Battlefield 2042.

There are conflicting reports from employees and executives who say the game should be out by the end of 2022 while others expect an early 2023 release date. Either way, this highly-anticipated game is sure to win back some fans who were disappointed with the last two titles in the series, Payback and Heat.

Both games were developed by the Swedish studio Ghost Games. But, with Criterion being handed back the keys to the series after those two underwhelming releases, expectations are now much higher.

(All information was provided by Autoblog and GAMINGbible)

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