Excel Esports Hosts Master Fans League Of Legends Tournament

Excel Esports recently hosted Master Fans, a League of Legends tournament made up of 19 “fan teams” with all proceeds going to charity to aid Ukraine. This was the second year of the tournament, which saw Solari fan team Royals 212 win last year.

The tournament ran from May 13th to the 15th and saw Misfits fan team Mad Fidgets take home the title.

The 19 fan teams who competed were:

  • Astralis Discord (Astralis)
  • Beticos Del Universo (Real Betis)
  • Bisoners (Bisons Eclub)
  • Fnatic TQ (fan team sharing the same name as the actual team)
  • Golden Hornets (Team Vitality)
  • Guasones Pamplonicas (Guasones)
  • Koi Andaluz (Koi)
  • Le Blue Wall (Karmine Corp)
  • Little Giants (Giants Gaming)
  • Love Hurts Crew (Unicorns of Love)
  • Mad Fidgets (Misfits)
  • Mad Roar (Mad Lions)
  • Night Foxes (LDLC)
  • Red Eagles Spandau (Eintracht Spandau)
  • Roaring Bears (Big Clan)
  • Royals 212 (Solari)
  • SK Ultras (SK Gaming)
  • Spartans (Team Oplon)
  • XS Esports (Excel Esports)

When all was said and done, Mad Fans raised $828 for Doctors Without Borders.

(All information was provided by Esports News UK and Twitter)

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