PR Firm 5WPR Announces Expansion Of Its Esports Division

Public relations firm 5WPR announced a major expansion to its esports division, which works with clients across corporate, consumer, and digital media practice areas. The company has seen the growth of esports and gaming first hand, and stated its desire to be at the forefront of devising innovative communications programs for its clients in the industry.

“As the industry continues to incorporate pop culture and celebrities, brands, and media outlets, fans are getting into the esports at record levels,” said Matthew Caiola, CEO of 5WPR.  “With the emergence of Web3, NFTs, and ecommerce, it’s only going to continue to grow in popularity. We’re excited to grow and expand our esports, working with leaders and challenger brands as they look to navigate the fast-changing and growing space.”

With the expansion, 5WPR said that it plans to offer new services to clients that will include media relations, influencer relations, product launches, new market expansion campaigns, executive visibility programs, fundraising announcements, content creation, digital media campaigns, and speaking opportunities.

(All information was provided by Investing News)

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