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Tappx Acquires From The Bench

Ad tech company Tappx announced on May 17th its acquisition of mobile game developer From The Bench. The deal aligns with Tappx’s diversification strategy and its commitment to entering the mobile gaming sector.

“The acquisition of From The Bench allows us to progress in our growth objective by prioritizing high-quality inventory: exclusive, direct, and without intermediaries,” said Daniel Reina, CEO of Tappx. “We will also be able to explore the profitability of new areas such as in-app purchases or assets based on NFTs. In addition, we will take advantage of the learnings from video game development to better understand the ecosystem and add value to all mobile app publishers that use our monetization and user acquisition services.” 

With a library of games that have attracted more than 20 million downloads, From The Bench is definitely a leader in the industry. More impressive though, might be the partnerships the company has amassed in recent years.

From The Bench has formed official partnerships with more than 50 soccer clubs around the world, including Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Juventas. On top of that, the company has the official license of the NBA, NFL, and MLB.

(All information was provided by ExchangeWire)

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