City College Of New York Looks To Develop NYC Video Gaming Industries

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has made the success of the video game industry crucial to his “Rebuild, Renew, Reinvest” economic recovery plan. The initiative aims to increase diversity and equity in the gaming industry while making NYC a hub for gaming development.

Now, the City College of New York (CCNY) will create and fund a bachelor’s degree program in game design, the first of its kind in the city. The $2 million investment is planned to reach over 1,000 students over the next three years.

“We’re grateful that the Mayor’s Office for Media and Entertainment is supporting the development of a digital games program at CCNY,” said Vincent Boudreau, President of CCNY. “Young people in our communities, growing up in an environment where gaming and digital consumer skills are ubiquitous, are exquisitely prepared to make gaming a pathway to solid careers for themselves, and economic development for the city. Moving from gaming competition to technology-driven aspects of design and game development, this program should introduce whole communities of young people to one of our most dynamic economic sectors.”

CCNY will collaborate with the Urban Arts Partnership and Harlem Gallery of Science to prepare high school students for careers in the gaming industry. The program will also partner with educators to create pathways from classrooms to careers in the gaming industry.

(All information was provided by CCNY)

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