Huya Announces Q1 2022 Results

Livestreaming platform Huya recently announced the results of a very successful first quarter for 2022. The company’s total net revenue for Q1 stood at $389 million, which the company says was aided by the strong performance of esports tournaments in the first quarter and extensive cooperation with game studios.

“In our relentless efforts to advance product innovation to enable a cross-platform and more immersive experience for our community, our users can now better integrate their live streaming experience on Huya’s platform with their gameplay,” said Dong Rongjie, Chief Executive Officer of Huya. “Leveraging our operational and technological expertise, we believe in our agility and ability to navigate the evolving and dynamic market conditions.”

Huya has continued its focus on providing professional esports content, which serves as the key driver of user traffic for the platform.

During the first quarter, Huya broadcasted nearly 80 tournaments which received more than 700 million views.

(All information was provided by Pandaily)

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