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Arrivant Unveils Web 3 Game, Project: Eluüne StarGarden

Game publisher Arrivant recently unveiled their new blockchain gaming franchise, Project: Eluüne: StarGarden. The sci-fi title will involve NFTs, and is currently being built with Unity on the Solana blockchain. Arrivant has already minted and launched its first set of NFTs after raising $2.5 million from its community in less than four hours. The company is also working on launching in-game avatars with NFT marketplace, Fractal.

“We’re so excited about Project Eluüne,” said Justin Kan, Founder of Fractal and Co-Founder of Twitch. “This game has the kind of passionate team, rich narrative, and innovative design we seek to feature to our community as a showcase for where the gaming industry is going.”

According to Arivant, the free-to-play StarGarden will have players going on a quest to repair shattered world and uncover its secrets. Players will attempt to build powerful armies through recruiting, crafting, training, optimizing, and merging powerful creatures.

Each creature will have different classes and abilities, and can be unlocked by winning battles with your teammates. Meanwhile, some rare creatures can only be crafted using ingredients that you can buy and sell.  

Players can also earn Valaan NFT creatures and craft them with ingredients.

As of this writing, no firm date has been set for the game’s release.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat)

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