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Square Enix Looking To Invest In NFTs, Web3 Gaming

In its latest earnings report, Square Enix announced its plans to expand NFTs into more of its gaming products. The company piloted NFTs on the Shin-San Million Arthur game earlier this year, the success of which has led the company to pursue broader activities in the NFT and blockchain industries.

Square Enix has been working with Web 3 and metaverse VC firm Animoca Brands to make this dream into a reality.

“Square Enix has already been talking about the potential of blockchain games for a long time, so it gets it better than most of the traditional gaming giants out there,” said Yat Siu, Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands.

Both organizations are working together to establish clarity and guidelines for regulating blockchain games and are currently in talks to create a corporate venture capital unit. Square Enix also revealed its plans to establish an overseas entity that will handle “issuing, managing, and investing our own tokens.”

(All information was provided by Cointelegraph)

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