Bungie Calls Out Racism In Gaming Following Buffalo Supermarket Mass Shooting

Video game developer Bungie is calling on fellow gaming companies to examine how racism and radicalization occur in their own online communities following the racially motivated mass shooting in Buffalo. The company called the shooting an “act of terror aimed at black Americans,” and announced that the studio’s Black at Bungie inclusion club would be donating all profits for the next year to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“Far too often, these racist attacks begin within online communities that are used to recruit and radicalize individuals,” the studio wrote in a blog post on May 17th. “It is time we begin to examine our practices and see what part we can play in preventing these tragedies.”

Online gaming is prone to hate-filled vitriol, harassment, and racist bigotry, and Bungie wants that kind of abuse nipped in the bud.

Microsoft, Ubisoft, and other gaming giants have worked to detoxify their player communities in recent years, but cost issues and fears of alienating large contingents of player-bases have made it a tough task for said companies.

But recent circumstances have really brought these problems to light, and clearly changes are needed to ensure that online gaming and gaming chat rooms are warm and welcoming places for those who just want to enjoy playing video games with likeminded people.

(All information was provided by Kotaku)

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