Solaris Accused Of Owing More Than $33,000 To Former Staff

Overwatch League game capture artist Michael “RYDARUS” Zhang recently made the claim that Solaris owes more than $33,000 to current and former staff. His allegations have since been corroborated by several others in the organization including the team’s social media manager, “Mustard,” who says that he has reached out to Solaris’ owner and general manager Cole “EventHorizon” Christini, but he is nowhere to be found.

“Not even our co-owner can reach him,” wrote Mustard on Twitter. “We know he has the funds to pay us. This whole issue not only tarnishes Tier 2 Overwatch but also the entire Overwatch esports ecosystem as well. EventHorizon does owe a lot of money to a lot of hardworking people. The creative minds and talented players that have crossed paths with this organization have been wronged.”

One former employee claims that 20 or so current or former employees have been affected. Another former employee said that this was a common theme at Solaris, one which has begun to take its toll on the wellbeing of the company’s employees.

“In case anyone didn’t know, this is why we aren’t Solaris anymore, mainly Cole Christini failing to pay people and even taking forever to simply get us winnings from tournaments,” wrote former team member Tr33 in a tweet. “Don’t understand how it’s hard to just pay us the money we won and also not respond to any DMs while doing it.”

Since this news came to light, many other (former) employees have taken to social media to share their negative experiences at Solaris.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but if Chrisitini continues to ignore emails, phone calls, and DMs, things could get very ugly, very fast.

(All information was provided by Upcomer)

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