DPVR Strikes Cooperation Agreement With FXG

Shanghai-based DPVR has announced a strategic cooperation agreement with FXG Video Science and Technology. The former specializes in virtual reality device design and manufacturing, while the latter is a VR production studio. Through the partnership, both organizations will combine their technology and resources “to create a more convenient, richer, and free VR content ecosystem for users,” while exploring more cooperation opportunities in the metaverse.

“Our partnership with FXG is a win-win,” said Derek Liu, Vice President at DPVR. “We will continue to explore this leading combination of DPVR’s incredible VR hardware and FXG’s high-quality VR content services in order to create new opportunities that will encourage more users to adopt our combined VR solutions as we continue to break through into the consumer VR market.”

DPVR added that the primary focus of this partnership will revolve around building VR game content, which according to the signed cooperation agreement, includes 15 VR games which will be compatible with DVPR’s recently unveiled E4 Pegasus VR gaming headset.

(All information was provided by Auganix)

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