The Arizona Interscholastic Association Forms Partnership With CSL Esports

The Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) recently announced a partnership with CSL Esports in which the latter will become the new official esports platform of the former.

“We’re excited to bring esports to the next level within the AIA and firmly believe CSL is the right partner to do that with us,” said Brian Bolitho, Director for Business Development at AIA. “The pricing for the schools is going to be something that creates an avenue for more schools to get involved. Come the spring of 2023 esports will have a much bigger presence on AZPreps365 with teams, schedules, scores and more to bring it in line with all the other sports that fans see on the site.

The platform will be located exclusively on, and will allow schools to access and register for games, standings, schedules, calendars, and AIA information.

Additionally, both parties will work together to reformat and re-engage the AIA Esports Advisory Committee to set rules and regulations for seasons to come, as well as discuss additional games to play in the future.

(All information was provided by AZPreps365)

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