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A Look At Playboy’s Metaverse Plans

Nine years after going private, Playboy “re-launched” in 2021 with a whole new business model. The famous magazine is no longer published and the iconic Hugh Hefner has now passed on, but even without its two most famous entities, Playboy has managed to find success in new, surprising places. The Playboy Bunny might be one of the most recognizable logos in human history, and the company is now minting NFTs with the legendary long-eared animal.

The “Rabbitar,” as it’s called, contains 11,953 artworks stored on the Ethereum Blockchain and are available on OpenSea. Every Rabbitar has more than 175 traits, including facial expressions, apparel, accessories, and more, and every owner is given an honorary membership into the Playboy Club.

But CEO Ben Kohn has even bigger goals for the company. Kohn is looking to build a Playboy metaverse with a virtual Playboy Mansion where people can drink, socialize, and hang out.

“In the metaverse or virtual Playboy Mansion we can reach an audience on a global basis, and we can do that by selling different tiers of membership,” said Kohn. “I believe consumers today want a lifestyle, they want to go have fun in their lives, especially after two years of being locked down in their homes. We have a unique opportunity to deliver real-life events but also virtual events like Travis Scott did with Fortnight. From a concert perspective, really, we are focused on building the digital Playboy Mansion, using blockchain and the fees and that’s really what the avatars are.”

It’s hard not to feel confident in Playboy’s plans. Playboy has become a worldwide phenomenon, and is one of the most recognizable brands on Earth. It’s NFTs are making money and the company has all the resources needed to create a very exciting and enveloping metaverse. There’s currently no timeline for a launch, but with any luck, we’ll be chilling in the virtual grotto very soon.

(All information was provided by Forbes)

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