PlayStation VR2 Headset Will Feature Over Twenty Major Games At Launch

A Sony investor presentation revealed that the PlayStation VR2 headset will feature over 20 “major” titles when it is launched. A slide confirmed that the list will contain a bevy of first and third-party titles, and even suggested that Horizon Call of the Mountain would be among them. Other than that, no other titles were mentioned or confirmed for the device.

“There is a considerable amount of money being spent on partnerships with independent and other third-party developers to secure a considerable pipeline of attractive VR content at the launch of PlayStation VR2,” said Jim Ryan, the President of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

As the name suggests, the VR2 will be Sony’s second virtual reality headset, serving as the successor to 2016’s PlayStation VR. Designed to work in conjunction with the PS5, the VR2 features an OLED display with a resolution of 2000×2040 per eye, support for frame rates up to 120Hz, and can connect to the console with a USB-C cable.

Sony has yet to announce an official launch date for the VR2. Unfortunately, it isn’t expected to hit the market until 2023.

(All information was provided by The Verge)

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