Steam Deck’s Verified And Playable List Surpasses Three Thousand Games

Steam Deck’s Verified and Playable list of games is growing, with the two categories now exceeding 3,000 titles. As of this writing, 1,565 games have been officially Verified, while 1,535 have been deemed Playable. All Verified games have been reviewed by Valve and are confirmed to be in perfect working order with the Steam Deck. Playable games vary in quality when running on the Steam Deck, but are considered adequate for a good gaming experience.

Valve has been adding games to the Steam Deck’s library seemingly every day since its launch in late February. Some of the most popular Verified games on the console include the newly added Final Fantasy XIVElden RingApex Legendsand Valheim, while Playable games include Counter Strike Source and Global OffensiveDota 2, and Skyrim.

The Steam Deck’s library is chock full of larger, popular titles like these as well as smaller indie games like Paint the Town Red, Roguebook, and more.

With 3,000 titles to be played on the Steam Deck, there really is a game (or 20) for every type of gamer. And with more being added all the time, there will be no shortage of good games.    

(All information was provided by PCGamer (1,2)

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