HyperX Joins Forces With TimTheTatMan To Launch Special-Edition Peripherals

If you’re a fan of TimTheTatMan, then you’re gonna want to hear this. On May 18th, a collaboration was unveiled between the peripheral manufacturer HyperX and gaming influencer Timothy Betar, aka, TimTheTatMan. This deal will see Hyper X release a line of customized TimTheTatMan gaming accessories. This limited-edition collection includes a gaming headset, a gaming keyboard, a gaming mouse, and a gaming mousepad that have all been hand-picked by the world-famous internet personality.

So, what makes these items TimTheTatMan-themed? Well, each product in the collection features a Triple-T logo as well as yellow accents to reflect Betar’s “larger than life personality and gaming performance traits.”

Those of you interested in buying these products will be able to do so later this month through the HyperX US Shop. The gaming keyboard is the most expensive product in the collection coming in at $139.99. The headset has a starting price of roughly $110. The gaming mouse will cost you almost $60. And, lastly, the mousepad comes in as the cheapest product in the collection with a starting price of $39.99.

HyperX has already established partnerships with several world-famous athletes and video game influencers. This includes Pokimane, NFLer JuJu Smith-Schuster, and NBAer Gordon Hayward. Here’s hoping this new partnership is as successful as those other ones.

(All information was provided by Business Wire, Google, and HyperX)

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