Immortals Invasion Coming To Detroit This Month

Thanks to a partnership deal with Riot Games, Immortals will be bringing in-person gaming experiences to underrepresented communities in Detroit later this month as part of the Immortals Invasion program. This multi-day event focused on diversity, inclusion, and equality will take place from June 23rd to the 26th.

“Riot Games is excited to be joining forces with Immortals to bring exciting activities to the passionate Detroit gaming community while supporting local BIPOC-owned businesses,” said Farah Sutton, Senior Manager of D&I Strategic Partnerships at Riot Games. “What makes gaming a thriving community are the players, fans, and creators who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures to celebrate and play together.”

June 23rd will be the Invasion Opener with the Detroit Shipping Company from 5 PM to 7 PM. At this event, Immortals will provide the public with tokens for free food from Detroit Shipping Company vendors. Immortals CEO Jordan Sherman will also hold informal three-minute interviews with attendees interested in internships and other career opportunities.

The 24th will be Resume Day at Kuzzo’s Chicken & Waffles. This will provide chances for students and gamers to network with other industry professionals. Immortals will also provide free food at the event courtesy of Kuzzo’s.

On the 25th will be the Work in Gaming Community Event at Durfee Innovation where the young people of Detroit will be introduced to various gaming career pathways. LinkedIn will also provide free headshots and profile audits at this event.

The last event, the Nexus Bash at Replay Cafe, will take place on June 26th. This event will be open to gamers of all ages. Attendees will also be given Customized Detroit-themed Immortals Invasions shirts. And, those in attendance will see esports matches between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.

(All information was provided by Immortals)

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