Here Are The Benefits Of SideQuest’s Membership Program

SideQuest, a gaming cafe chain and esports studio, recently unveiled details about its brand new membership program. This initiative was designed to reward community members with several benefits including price discounts, free food or drink, and so much more.

SideQuest memberships will be broken up into five tiers ranging from a free program to a corporate program. The free tier allows SideQuest members to earn credits (SideCoins) and 30 minutes of complimentary gaming time upon signing up. The corporate tier comes with many more benefits like 10 free hours of gaming, priority access to gaming rooms, access to SideQuest events, and five free visits to any SideQuest location.

“For us, it is about building a community of people that enjoy gaming. We want to create a social hub that people want to come to frequently, whilst at the same time being able to offer more to our members,” said Michael Mulholland, the Marketing Manager at SideQuest. “This membership platform allows us to provide an experience of being part of a community and rewarding those members. We hope that with the benefits and discounts available in the different membership tiers that people will keep coming back to our hubs to experience what we have for them.”

This announcement came ahead of the company’s rebrand launch party which took place in London, England on June 1st. Prior to this, the company was known as Wanyoo UK.

(All information was provided by Esports News UK and European Gaming Industry News)

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