Esports Success Requires Skill, But The Right Tech Can Help

As the global esports industry continues to balloon into a multi-billion-dollar a year global sports market, the race for top talent is heating up. Recruiters are going all-out in their mission to scout the best gamers to put on their teams, and salaries are shooting up as a result.

While skills, dedication, and countless hours of practice are basic prerequisites for esports success, that’s not the whole story. Like it or not, it is also crucial to have the right tech, and the right setup to increase your chances of soaring up the league tables and getting noticed by the scouts. Here are our essential tech tips for esports success. 

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Any seasoned esports player will tell you that ergonomics can play a huge role in performance. For many, the mouse is the most important aspect. You’ll want a mouse that fits your hand like a glove and offers gaming-specific shortcut functions that will allow you to react more comfortably and play for longer. You can consult expert esports reviews to find the best ergonomic mouse on the market right now so that you can get more out of each session. 


No matter what game you play, power is paramount. You’ll need a GPU that ensures you do not miss a thing, as well as a CPU that ensures no downtime, no lag, and no damaging delays. You’ll want a top-notch CPU that offers full overclocking potential, as well as a GPU with the highest refresh rates possible. Meanwhile, don’t forget to install a comprehensive cooling system so that it is easier to run your rig at full capacity. 


In the fast-paced world of competitive gaming, you don’t want to miss a thing. That’s why it is worth investing in a top-notch monitor with a next-level resolution. You’ll also want to consider screen size. For single-monitor setups, a minimum of 25 inches is considered the norm. However, most professional esports setups now use dual or even triple monitor configurations. We are also seeing evidence that the use of a curved monitor can markedly improve both immersion and overall eye comfort. 

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Whether you’re playing CS:GO or League of Legends, the sound is an integral aspect of the experience. You’ll want to hear whenever an opponent is creeping up on you, or whether a trap or explosive is lurking around the corner. You’ll also want to ensure that you do not miss any commands or requests from your fellow teammates. That’s why it’s worth investing in next-gen gaming headphones, ideally with noise-canceling, surround sound, and built-in mic functionality. 


The right atmosphere can make a world of difference in competitive gaming. You might have noticed that professional esports venues make extensive use of lighting around their rigs. This is about so much more than setting the mood. Backlights are there to help reduce glare on screens and ensure that all keyboard commands are clearly visible at all times. You can also consider using blue light protective eyewear to prevent strain. 

For esports success, the right tech will help you get off to the best possible start. If your setup includes everything on this checklist, you’re ready to launch your competitive gaming career. 

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