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Altura Announces Marketplace V2 To Launch In 2023

NFT gaming platform Altura has announced its plans to launch Marketplace V2 next April. The company added that anyone who signs up for the marketplace’s waiting list will receive a free loot box key on launch day. Altura is unique in that the platform allows users to mint NFTs which are both stackable and non-stackable while having the ability to control royalty fees, properties, and circulation.

“Our NFT marketplace not only allows users to create NFTs but gives them the opportunity to participate in the gaming economy,” said Majd Hailat, Co-Founder of Altura. “This would be achieved with the integration of gaming items, your favorite creators, and artists.”

The company’s native token, the Altura token, is supported on the Binance network. It can be purchased on PancakeSwap with Binance tokens and used for any purchases in Altura’s marketplace.

Altura is also a big proponent of Smart NFTs, which can seamlessly change to reflect a wide variety of conditions. The company believes Smart NFTs are the future, as they allow gamers to own assets that adequately represent in-game items and the changes that happen around them.

Altura provides the tools for developers to create and integrate Smart NFTs for their own video games and applications.  

(All information was provided by Cision PR Newswire)

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