Paidia Gaming Appoints Famous Esports Personality To Advisory Board

Women-led media tech and gaming company, Paidia Gaming, has appointed multi-media personality Erin Ashley Simon to its strategic Advisory Board. A co-founder of XSET, Simon has worked with companies like PUMA, General Motors, AT&T, Bleacher Report, and more, to help build an intersection between gaming and culture. Now she will work with Paidia Gaming to assist them in building a safe community for women gamers to connect, learn, and play.

“I’m super excited to join Paidia’s Advisory board,” said Simon. “The platform not only consists of experienced women and individuals behind the scenes but, a strong community core. What the platform has accomplished in a short period time has been exciting to see and I’m looking forward to growing with the platform moving forward. Gaming is a place for everyone, and we can only make it better by all of us coming together to make it bigger and brighter than ever before.”

Paidia Gaming features a diverse group of female industry leaders in the space of innovation, marketing, technology, gaming, and media. Simon will join an advisory board with experts from Red Bull, Guild Esports, Enthusiast Gaming, East Side Gaming Group, and CMS Sports and Entertainment.

(All information was provided by GamingLyfe)

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