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Fitchin Launches Web 3 Gaming Platform With A Little Of Everything

Fitchin’s new Web 3 gaming platform features a little bit of everything: crypto, blockchain games, and esports, all under one roof. Powered by blockchain, the play-to-earn platform allows its community to compete in tournaments, obtain members-only access to community hubs from top esports teams, purchase limited-edition NFT collections, and participate in exclusive events and experiences.  

“Fitchin is opening the gateway to onboard millions of gamers into the crypto world, and it will shape the future of how esports teams interact with their communities in Web 3,” said Sergio Agüero, Streamer, Professional Soccer Player, and Brand Ambassador for Fitchin. “Its platform helps teams grow a more loyal fan base and monetize engagement, while giving gamers everything they want in one place: exciting competitions, social interactions with pro players, NFT collectibles, and more.”

According to the company, The Fitchin ecosystem will offer a four-pronged user experience:

  • A gamified tournament platform where gamers can play, join global leagues, compete in tournaments representing their esports communities, and earn badges, XP points, and P2E rewards.
  • Community hubs where gamers can connect with their favorite teams and streamer communities and access exclusive member-only benefits and experiences. These perks include voting rights, private chats, exclusive events and competitions, limited collections and more.
  • An esports digital marketplace, where gamers can buy membership passes, NFT collections, purchase tickets to events and get merchandise from teams and content creators.
  • Fitchin Metaworld, a metaverse playground for the community to have its own clubhouse, showcase its achievements, mingle and compete inside this new digital frontier.

The company has about 30 employees and it will be announcing its funding details at a later time.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat)

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