MicroBuddies Are Coming To Roblox

Good Gaming Inc. announced that it’s bringing MicroBuddies to Roblox in an exciting new collaboration. Good Gaming has been working hard to develop new strategic avenues for expanding its interactive entertainment vertical, and coming to Roblox should make for a perfect fit.

“Our development team has been working nonstop to bring this project to fruition,” said David Sterling, COO of Good Gaming. “We are building a robust MicroBuddies ecosystem featuring unique worlds for each of the species of MicroBuddies that will provide multiple avenues for revenue generation and drive player interest in the MicroBuddies intellectual property. A large part of the successes we shared in my 16 years with Sony Pictures Entertainment was our ability to create new interactive experiences around our properties through product and experience innovation, and platform diversification. It is this type of dynamic product experience creation that we intend to bring to the MicroBuddies franchise and Good Gaming as a whole. We are extremely excited with our plans over the next several months and look forward to a continued expansion of our brand and first and third-party intellectual properties.”

The official launch date for the highly-anticipated cross-over is expected to be announced within the next six weeks.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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