Not Everybody Is Concerned With Delays In The Video Game Industry

Apparently, not everybody is annoyed by video game delays and long development periods. Just ask Maja Moldenhauer, the Executive Producer and one of the lead artists at Studio MDHR, the development company behind the hit game Cuphead.

Moldenhauer explained that it’s hard to find 2D animators in the global gaming industry nowadays. Also, she thinks it’s more important to make sure employees are happy than to hit deadlines.

The number one thing, especially through COVID, was keeping everybody happy,” she said. “This is video games. Take your time. Mental health needed to be at the forefront, taking the space and time that you needed, especially over the last two years. We’re like, ‘If it takes longer for the game to come out, it takes longer. Who cares?'”

Moldenhauer didn’t stop there, though. She explained that this calm and collected approach to gaming products came from the experiences she and other studio leads had in other industries. She said that, in these other sectors, they weren’t necessarily given the time or space that was needed to create a good company that treated its workers well.

“If we’re going to risk it all, it’s going to be a company that we’re proud of. It’s going to be a company that is all the things, an amalgamation of all the things we’ve always ever wanted. Respect for each other, love, and support,” she said. “Things that we didn’t receive in our past jobs.”

This all came ahead of the new DLC pack for Cuphead: Delicious Last Course. That product was released on June 30th, 2022.

(All information was provided by IGN, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia)

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