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A Look Inside Metaverse Virtual Reality Platform MetaCosmos

MetaCosmos is the new Binance blockchain-based virtual reality platform offering applications focusing on retail, gaming, esports, rewards, and media. The metaverse project uses the METACOS utility token, which features use cases, even before its launch. The token is currently available on MetaCosmos’ launchpad.

50% of the token supply will go to the liquidity pool, 20% towards marketing, and 15% to the team and rewards.

The platform features MetaCosmos Games, concentrated on the play-to-earn business model, MetaCosmos Media, a reward-based offering where users can make profits from playing and creating content, and MetaCosmos Finance, the crypto-financial launchpad for MetaCosmos Valt. The platform will also incorporate NFTs and upcoming e-commerce solutions.

The MetaCosmos Valt is a virtual space which provides full multi-chain interoperability by targeting art, gaming, music, and entertainment.

MetaCosmos will also introduce Holder’s Passive Income Expansion programs like staking and farming in upcoming stages. The platform is also aiming to develop its own blockchain, launch a mobile app, NFT marketplace, and centralized exchange.

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